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Hi Stephanie, I’m sorry to hear about your Dandelion allergy! I cannot say if it is just the pollen. When someone is allergic to a plant there is potential for the allergy to be to all parts of it. The latex in the root and leaves can be irritating and cause issues for some, so it could likely be more than the pollen.

An allergy to one plant can mean allergies to others in the same family, but not always. For example, there are some people who are allergic to many plants in the Asteraceae plant family (which Dandelion belongs to). In your materia medica you will see many Asteraceae plants, please be cautious when using these until you feel comfortable that they are safe for you.

If you’re keen to try a test with Dandelion, you could rub a bit of a crushed leaf on your inner wrist to see if there is any reaction such as redness, heat, etc. If so, you should certainly avoid any external or internal use.

For your work in forestry, some allergies arise out of repetitive exposure. If possible, a mask and gloves can help a lot, which I’m sure you’re aware of! Rather than testing for things you may not be able to avoid, It may be best to support your immune system so that you’re able to reduce the reaction you have to all allergens you come in contact with. Allergies and hay fever are covered in the Herbal Therapeutics section of the program. If you want to take a peek ahead, look to page 276 of your guidebook for some herb and supplement guidance.

I hope all of this helps! Please be in touch about anything you uncover about your allergies or things that help.