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Samantha Bloomfield

Hi everyone.

My name is Samantha. When my first child was born, she had some pretty severe food problems. Child number three had even more severe food problems and allergies. As I read up on those, I got into food detox. As I expanded my reading about food I came across articles on home detox. So I started in on that, which got me into herbs and energy and so much more… At the same time, I watched the conventional options fail us, which just seemed to make everything I was reading make so.much.sense.

I’m a librarian, a gardener, amateur musician, cat-lover. I have dabbled in herbal preps and growing my own plants for food and therapeutic use for twelve(ish) years already. But I feel that my family could benefit greatly if I knew more. So now that the kids are grown up, priorities are shifting and I decided it was time to get a little more organized about it.

I’ve been through the first few videos and I think I have come to the right place.