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Hi Nancy,

Yes this sure looks like Red Elder to me. The shape of the flower cluster is more random and cone shaped. Once you see a Black Elder’s flat, umbrella like flower heads you will know for sure, they are unmistakably ‘flat’/umbel in comparison.

Another trick with the ID is timing of the blooms. Red Elder tends to bloom earlier than Black Elder. Here in Nova Scotia it is a difference of a whole month, when the Black Elder is in bloom the Red Elder are already forming berries. This can be seen in the Elderberry video for Mat Med with Amanda as well and this video was shot on Vancouver island, so I assume it is similar there.

You could take a look into more specific timing locally, but if you have a Red Elder in bloom now, it’s likely you won’t see a Black Elder in bloom for another couple of weeks.

Good luck! Elder searching (and finding!) is one of my favorite wild forage pastimes. 🙂