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Cindy Jaswal

Hello my fellow adventurers!
I am really pleased to be on this journey taking my herbal studies to the next level. I have been immersed in the birth world as a senior student midwife in the western US and Vancouver and now back in my hometown of Victoria. I am working on my Masters and it has given me a wee bit of time to take on extra learning. So here I am. I have always believed and looked to plant medicines first as my parents are both from India and there was a lot of leaves and roots that made it back in suitcases over the years to heal ailments. 🙂 

In my midwifery life we used a lot of herbal remedies first, then recommended allopathic prescriptions if really needed. I am very honoured to be here and to add to my knowledge so that I can better serve women in their childbearing years and beyond.
I am grateful that Pacific Rim allows this option of online learning in such a robust course, especially during these extraordinary times, it is something I can share with my 2 teen sons as well. They can learn as I learn! I am looking forward to going down this path with you all.