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Hello everyone!

My name is Benna and I am so pleased to be here as one of the Registered Herbalists, to offer support, answers, and marks.

I’ve had a connection and strong fondness of nature for as long as I can remember. This led me to pursue a career in Conservation and then when I found it, Herbal Medicine. I gained my diploma of Phytotherapy at Pacific Rim College in 2016, and can’t believe how lucky I am to now be part of the online team. I also hail from Nova Scotia, where I have a small clinical practice.

Within the realm of herbal medicine, some of my deepest passion lies in the therapy of learning from, and connecting directly with, nature. I have a particular fondness for wild/native plants but also those under appreciated ‘weeds’ that persevere and make our every day lives just a little shinier.

It is already such a pleasure to read some introductions, see beautiful projects coming in, and know that you are all here for each other and the love of mother earth.

I look forward to spending time in the plant realm together,