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Sarah Nakatsuka

Hi everyone ~ My name is Sarah and I’m really glad to be here. I’m a counselling psychotherapist in Victoria BC, with a specialty in pre and post natal support, fertility journeys (including loss), and parenting. I’m also a mama myself, to a fabulous 8 year old who we homeschool. One of the things I have deeply relied upon historically to help regulate my nervous system is my relationship to plants, my garden, the forest. I grew up in the interior of BC and have very distinct memories of feeling so HELD by the earth, and by the community of plants around me.

Once my daughter arrived 8 years ago, somehow it felt that much more important to learn about ways we could support her with plant medicine at home, so I’ve since been in love with nerding out on herbs! My daughter has since become a herb enthusiast herself, and we have been so enjoying the discovery process together;-)

Somehow, after reading Robin Wall Kimmerer’s book “Braiding Sweetgrass” there was an even stronger pull to take the learning even deeper. I have, over the past few years, planted over 50 herbs in our little urban garden, and have taken a few basic herbs courses. And now, I want to be able to bring some of this plant-wisdom into my counselling practice, with some simple, accessible education for the parents I work with around how plants can support their emotional landscape, their healing journeys, and their families.

So far, I’m really enjoying the courses offered here in this program, and feeling so appreciative that this is being offered, especially at this time, as we live through “history in the making.”