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Hi Anvita,

Here’s a list of parks that you can more than likely find a couple of wild medicinal plants (keep an eye on the trees at this time of year). First being Stanley Park, OR if you are further out, you could try Pacific Spirit Regional Park, or the green spaces and parks surrounding The University of BC, Jericho beach park (behind the beach). There are also a lot of forested trails around Simon Fraser University. So depending on where you are within Vancouver, it’s likely you could get to any one of these by transportation and it hopefully won’t be too long a journey. Check our google maps to find out the best transportation method from where you are, by using the ‘directions’ and ‘public transportation’ tab.

Also keep in mind that sometimes you might see some wild medicinals in peoples lawns (think plantain, or dandelion leaves) even at this time of year.

I wish you luck and joy as you explore some incredible parks.