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Jean Parsons

Hello! My name is Jean and I have just joined the Home Herbalist program. Nice to meet you all!

I have always been interested in herbalism; my library is filled with books on the topic and I love to visit herb and traditional medicine gardens when travelling. That said, this is the first time I have allowed myself the space to really dive in, learn deeply and begin a practice. I grew up in Vancouver, where we never had a garden. I’ve spent the past 15 years building a career as a filmmaker and working as a television executive… but in recent years, and especially after Covid and having my first child last fall, I became more acutely aware of how that industry was out of alignment with my core values, and negatively affecting both my mental and physical health. This spring I left my “successful” job, moved to the Gulf Islands and am in a transition phase where I am allowing myself the space to listen to my intuition and explore those things I was always called to, but ignored in favour of submitting to external pressures. So far this has included building my first vegetable garden, foraging for wild berries, mediation, spending time in nature with my beautiful young daughter and living in a place where I can feel nature’s seasonal cycles in my everyday life.

I am very much a novice, but am excited — and to be honest a little emotional — to be beginning this journey into herbalism with you all.