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Shawna Scott

Hi there I hope everyone is doing well!
I have made my first batch of Calendula Salve (Amanda’s recipe) and it turned out awesome. My Family is using it and giving me positive feedback. I’m infusing yarrow for arm deodorant next (Dr. Marciano’s recipe).
After reviewing all the herbal medicinal properties I was wondering about varicose veins as I have requests from women in my network for a salve.
I was thinking of making yarrow with comfrey and rosemary and pepper and some Ginger, Hawthorne (David’s recommendations)?
Do you have any experience making salves for varicose veins and any feedback or positive results to share from your clients?

I like to really think about and review each instructors teaching before I come up with a herbal formula remedy. I have to consider an illnesses that a person may have and I prefer not to use too many herbs in my formulas all at once because of unknown allergies that would be tougher to eliminate.
Much appreciate your feedback and recommendations.