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Hi Shawna,

I’m so glad the course has got your creative juices flowing.
Elecampagne and hyssop can be great allies in asthma, but start small with the nebuliser, tinctures can work well here too. I appreciate your thinking with helping her build her immunity using other ideas such as the herbal honey pills you made. For more ideas, similar herbs and approaches as the hayfever section in your Therapeutics course will be useful, since this is commonly an immune, allergen and stress based health concern. You could add some gentle nervines to the picture (as appropriate) such as skullcap, valerian, passionflower and gentle lung restorative herbs like mullein or plantain and demulcents like marshmallow alongside the bronchodilator that you have mentioned above.

There are some herbs that are much stronger, but need a herbal practitioners touch. 🙂 I would recommend that your friend take a look at the free student clinic at Pacific Rim College for further help and information as we are limited in what we can advise here in terms of someones specific health concerns. Other medication etc. needs to be taken into consideration. If you/she is interested, here is the link for the appointments:

With warmth,