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Hi Shawna,

For the beeswax in lotion question. Yes you can use beeswax. I have found it hard to find clear answers on this, but we have a student who always uses just bees wax , she used a food processor to mix her creams and drips the liquids in slowly to the oils/beeswax and process until it emulsifies. It seems that lanette wax is just easier and a stronger emulsifier, working with bees wax may take more patience and it might not stay in emulsified as long.

I have never infused aloe gel myself, but it is a great idea and from what I have read, you can infuse it very similarly to the col oil infusion process or folks tincture method. Filling about 1/3 of the jar with your herbs, covering them with the aloe gel so that the jar is almost full. Cap and let macerate for 10-14 days then strain.

I have stored herbal infused oil in the refrigerator for 1.5 years and it was still okay, but I think that was about the longest (or up to 2 years) I would store it.

With warmth and wishes of fun creation!