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Desiree Thompson

Hi everyone. My name is Desiree Thompson. I live in North Vancouver BC Canada. I am married, have three sons in their 30’s and one black lab. I am a Wellness Coach, Life-skills Counsellor, Metaphysical Minister, Registered Nurse and I finished my masters of science of nursing in 2021.

I’ve had some negative experiences in nursing and am considering hanging up my licence. I’m tired and I’m done! I’m doing a lot of self-reflective work around this.

Anyway, I have always been interested in herb, plants, berries, etc. I actually grew up with grandparents that picked wild flowers, roots, mushrooms, etc. and made coffees, teas, tinctures, etc. As a kid, I didn’t appreciate it. However, looking at my life, I always seem to go back to herbs or natural products in some form or another rather than pharmaceuticals. I considered Clinical Herbalism many years ago, but went with job security. Now I realize in my late 50’s that there is no job security if you are not happy with your role – or your role makes you sick. So here I am.

I like PRC because it’s local (in BC) and because it’s online. In some ways, it would have been good to be with others in a classroom or on zoom and to find people who live in your area – to go for nature walks, coffee/tea, etc., but being online also makes it convenient.

One thing that concerns me is Health Canada’s Bill C-47. I started creating some skin care products for myself not too long ago (using you tube) because I was sick and tired of all the chemicals and carcinogens in our products. Now with Bill C-47, how will it be financially possible to start a small business; this concerns me. In the meantime, I can learn how to make my own products. That’s a good thing!