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Leigh Anne Smillie

Hi there :),

I just have a few questions:
-I have trouble tolerating peppermint-can it be omitted from the comfort tea? Is there a comparable substitute that is not from the mint family?
-For the iron syrup, can the nutritional yeast and spiralina be removed ? Are there any good substitutions for those?
-Can we talk mold? If we see any that has developed at the top of the jar for items that we are making and are sitting for a number of days ie while making vinegar, does that mean the batch is not good/not safe?
-To make lavender infused honey-can dried lavender be used?
-I would like to try to make rose oil using the optional intermediary alcohol extract with alcohol & warm water method-can dried rose be used (I don’t currently have access to fresh roses)? And while using the hot water method- should the jar be covered while it warms for rose?
-Also Seraphina has referenced to consult our guidebooks for more information on dosing-can I get further direction on this—where is this information located?
Thanks again, and awesome course!!