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  • PRC Elective: Food-Drug-Herb-Nutrient Interactions & Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletions 
  • PRC Elective: Medicinal Mushrooms 
  • Ethical theory is an important aspect of a practitioner's practice.
    PRC Elective: Ethics Made Fascinating And Pertinent For Practitioners 
  • PRC Elective: Backyard Gardening and Cultivation 
  • PRC Elective: Facial Diagnosis for Acupuncturists 
  • PRC Elective: Herbal Body Products & Gift Making 
  • PRC Elective: Critical Self-Location in Relation to Medicinal Harvesting and Land-Based Practices 
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Leigh Anne Smillie

Hi there, I’ve just finished watching the videos’ and this course is so amazing and inspiring! Amanda is a wonderful instructor!
I have a few questions on different parts of the course,so I figured I would save them and put them into one post 🙂
-can dried rose be used for an infused oil (instead of fresh rose), using the cold herbal infusion method?
-what is shelf life for the salve and balm?
-does drinking melissa tea help for the prevention of cold sores (I only ask as Amanda mentioned only using fresh melissa for the lip balm to help prevent cold sores)
-the headache compress that was demonstrated sounds lovely for a headache, I often get migraines that can be associated with sinus congestion (allergy reaction)- is there another herb that be added for sinus congestion?
-and can plaster be used for arthritis in the neck?
-also what is the name/type of pyrex glassware that is used in making the salve (the one that contains the oil), it was mentioned but I didn’t quite catch it. I’m
searching for one online and having some difficulty.
-it was also mentioned in the section review (after the salves and lip balm) that in our work book there is a recipe for coconut oil salve–do you have a page number? Or is this to come in a future course?
Thanks very much 🙂