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Morganne Skinner

Hi! I’m Morganne (like “Morgan”, just spelled differently). I live on the Oregon Coast in the U.S. I’ve been a registered nurse since 2015 and over the last few years have been working in the fertility space as a FEMM educator and coach, as well as a nurse writer. My personal journey with endometriosis brought me closer to working with plants, from an herbal medicine perspective, as I found various tinctures, teas, and blends that helped me manage symptoms. Ginger tea is my all – time favorite! I look forward to sharing knowledge of plants with others I work with in my fertility business, Fertility Defined.

Outside of work, I enjoy getting crafty — I like crocheting, making personal care products with herbs (i.e., shampoo, face cream), and DIY projects around the house. I love being outside — hiking, running, camping, walking my dog. And I love to travel, learn new languages, and cultural exchange! For those familiar with the Enneagram, I’m a one. For me, that translates to being very passionate about advocacy, justice, fairness, honesty, and moral/ethical practices.