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Hello! I am happy to help as this is a key step in memorizing your Biomed info 🙂 See below:

Ex: Cardiovascular , Aneurysm (aortic)

Box: Aneurysm (aortic) I write : a bulge in a section of aorta that could burst due to weakness etc – CORRECT
Box: Red Flags (I fill in reg flags) – CORRECT (keep in mind that these are red flags for an acupuncturist. So, they signal us that it is a referral)
Box: Cardinal symptoms I fill in ” Ssx: ” sentences ALMOST! You want to put in differentiating symptoms. An option is to complete the unit on CV, and then go back and fill in the cardinal sxs as you would have just learned them all. You will write down the KEY sxs that make it different from a similar syndrome, and/or how you pick it out as that particular disease. Much like cardinal sxs for Zang Fu patterns. If you have SP Qi Def and SP Yang Def, the SP Qi Def cardinal sxs are: sallow face, fatigue and bloating after eating, loose stool, fatigue; SP Yang Def would be: very cold around naval, diarrhea with undigested food, exhaustion, bright white/yellow face, depression/lethargy

Does this help?