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Hello Laura,

This is quite common! I believe I am also equal in doshas (Pitta/Kapha) and depending on what is happening in my life/ the season, one pops up more than the other (specifically, Pitta pops up in the body and Kapha pops up in the mind when I’m under stress.) Every person has all three doshas, just in different distributions. Because of this fact, imbalances can occur in all three but most folk find there’s one or two that dominate.

For you, I would ask – how and when does Pitta present? How and when does Vata present? It can be helpful to look at the body and the mind during periods of stress and in relaxation.
For foods, it means that sweet and grounding (whole grains, root vegetables, soups and stews) work well for you, and neutral to slightly warm (but not pungent) spices can be helpful.
For practices, nature walks, oil massage, yoga and meditation, as well as practicing your creativity are all important. These are balancing for both vata/pitta.

Let me know if this doesn’t make sense. It can be confusing to navigate at the beginning, and sometimes I still question my dominant doshas as I have symptoms from all 3 pop up at times.
However, in terms of my Prakriti, I am most certainly Pitta (I can see it in my hair, eyes, body shape, athletic ability, and skin tone).