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Hi Claudia,

Yes red clover are a very abundant and common plant if spaces ar eleft to grow a bit wild. It’s wonderful. I’m glad to hear that you are harvesting and drying them well. With red clover, they can certainly be infused whole, perhaps just let them steep a little longer than if you were to break it up. Breaking the flower heads into smaller pieces will indeed help the infusion process though.

For the phytoestrogen aspect, this is a complex answer as theoretically caution is advised with estrogen based concerns when the situation is considered on a very simple level, this is also based on the consumption of isolated isoflavones from clover. . However there is the argument that phytoestrogens are not as strongly stimulating to the cells in our body as our own endogenous estrogen nor xenoestrogens that are found in some plastics (for example). With this theory in action, phytoestrogens could actually help us modulate estrogen in the body and support any level of hormonal imbalance.

I hope this helps you make a decision for yourself on whether to consume red clover. If you are looking for a clear recommendation, you can visit a registered herbal therapist or gain a free consult through Pacific Rim College’s Student clinic. Booking can be found here:

With warmth,