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Claudia Rizzi

Hello again Benna. About Red Clover. I’ve been harvesting red clovers from my property, since this year I seem to have an over abundance of them. I’ve been drying them in my dehydrator and storing them in a Mason jar. I’ve been storing the full dried bud (they look so pretty). If I want to make myself a warm infustion, do I just infuse a bud or am I supposed to desintegrate them so I can get the appropriate measurement for a cup of infusion?
Also, it doesn’t mention it in the cautions, I have uterine fibroids which cause me to have very heavy and long periods, thus I suffer from very low iron (non anemic). After learning about this wonderful nourishing flower, I’d like to take it but unsure if it would be ok for me because of its phytoestrogens. I’m 50. Would you happen to have some information about this? Thanks!