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Hi Megan,
I hope you received the email from Charlie at Student Support! In case not, this is what it said (please find the photo attached in the email of your results):

“We’re glad to report that you are already receiving full credit for the short answer questions that are ungraded—these are included to satisfy the requirements of the NCCAOM in order to provide CEUs to their members and are required to be ungraded, but completed, in order to reflect an understanding of the subject matter.

While the ungraded short answer questions are showing as “incorrect,” your points are still being awarded and reflected in your total score. This is built-in functionality in our learning software and we apologize for any confusion!

In this case, it looks like it was questions 3, 6, 7, 8, and 10 that were causing you problems. If you believe these might be marked wrong in error, please follow up with Riley on the Discussion Boards and she’ll be happy to assist!

Happily, you are able to submit your quiz as many times as you wish to receive a passing score.”

Meagan, if you’re having any issues with the questions listed above, please let me know and I’m happy to help!