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Hi Qing,

The knowledge you’ve learned can be applied in multiple different ways. Within your current role with USANA, it’s a perfect addition and will be so beneficial.

You can absolutely host workshops and events to educate your community about holistic nutrition after you finish the program. You can also create specific workshops about one common health concern, and talk about food therapies and lifestyle activities that can support. You could also write nutritional content or product descriptions for USANA. Because holistic nutrition is unregulated within Canada (and the US), you technically have the freedom to do whatever you’d like post-graduation. That being said, I would recommend if you’re looking to support serious health ailments in a clinical setting alongside other healthcare professionals that you look into the full Holistic Nutrition Diploma program at Pacific Rim College, which is now offered in person and live virtually. In order to graduate, you have to complete a particular amount of clinical hours, providing a wonderful experience. If this is something you wish to pursue, you’re eligible to transfer credits from this program should you be accepted.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.