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Qing Wen

Hi Riley,

I almost finished the Holistic Nutritionist program (except that I didn’t do my assignment yet). I am starting to think about what should I do after I get the certificate and how to use the knowledge to support my current business. I having been working as an independent associate for USANA Health Science Inc for 8 years. This company not only sells good-quality health supplements, but also most importantly it promotes a healthy lifestyle. That is the reason which motivates me to expand my knowledge about food and nutrition. So I think I can serve my customer better with these knowledge, teach them about healthy lifestyle and uses the health supplements to support their health. I really would like to do nutrition consultation with my clients, but I am not sure whether I will be qualified to do such consulting with this certificate (This is my main question today). I also want to do workshops and events for nutrition education for my community. Will I be qualified to do these types of business after I get the certificate?

Thank you,