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Hi Peri,

This is always a tough one, thinking of how to word the actions or uses of herbal products. The sentence you have come up with might be okay, but I would suggest using ‘with herbs that MAY help with brain fog and focus’ or leave that whole part of the sentence out.

I was going to suggest that you read the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate pages, but I think I have already suggested that. I know it’s not straight forward. I imagine that you will likely be okay, but I am not able to say that definitively as I don’t work for Health Canada.

Another idea is to search for small herbal products businesses in your local area that are not licensed through the NNHPD to see what they put on their products. If you are close to a farmers market, you could visit and see if there is anyone selling herbal products there. By chatting with them you may find connection to a supportive community.

Good luck!