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Cody Stokes


A Brief History of Agriculture:
I can find myself a bit confused in the comparison between the different periods of living. I understand that the Paleolithic period is when we were hunter-gatherers, continuously moving along with the cycles of the seasons and availability of crops. Then, the Semi-Nomadic life is basically when we were transitioning to a settled life, where we discovered the domestication of plants and animals, which changed things about our health and nutrition. The more we learned about agriculture and finding ways to survive while being settled, eventually we entered into the Neolithic Revolution (being totally settled and relying on domesticated crops and animals. Where we began fully practicing agriculture.)

There is a sentence under “The Domestication of Founder Crops: Impacts on Health” that confuses me. “It is thought that Agrarian humans experienced better health than we do today.” If Agrarian people are who cultivated land and created the agricultural (Neolithic) revolution, aren’t we all agrarian people if we are still practicing agriculture and all that we discovered throughout the semi-nomadic lifestyle? Aren’t we still in the Neolithic Revolution?

What is the difference between the Neolithic Revolution period and today?

I hope this makes sense.

Thank you!