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Casey Dutfield

Hello my name is Casey and I am currently living and working in Toronto with my family. I work as a birth and postpartum doula and have been doing that since soon after my first daughter. Before that my career path was very different working as a costume designer in film and television and industry that I enjoyed but was not one condusive to a healthy lifestyle that I long for. It has been a transition into birth work and the deeper I get into the work I find myself expanding not only my practice but the way I look at my own life and how I can best support my family, my clients and my greated community. I found this course in my desire to expand myself and practice. I am hoping in learning about holistic nutrition I can unlearn some of the thoughts and ideas that I have absorbed that I do not align with and find a more thoughtful nuanced approach to nutrition in a way that aligns better with who I am and the lifestyle and practice I am cultivating. I am eager to learn more and take this knowledge with me into my birth work but also excited for the possibilites it may open me up to supporting families, specifically women not only throughout pregnancy birth and postpartum but throughout their lives.