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Sangeeta Kumar

I have a question about this case.. I’ve never ever seen a pattern where the tongue is yellow and the pulse is slow.. coming to the close of studying and I want to make sure I’m not going crazy here lol! (first question on Cast Study Exam #2)

A 39-year-old patient presented with complaints of diarrhea that has lasted for over a year, with borborygmus, and quite watery-sloppy stools.

Patient Information:

he has eight or nine bowel movements in the first half of the day
poor appetite
undigested food particles present in the stool
facial complexion is found to be pale and lusterless
emotionally fatigued
his abdomen is slightly distended, but he favours pressure
Tongue: thick yellow and slimy coating
Pulse: Thready (Xi) and Slow (Chi)
Question 1: His What is the most accurate TCM diagnosis?

Spleen Qi Deficiency
Damp Heat in Spleen
Kidney Yang Deficiency
Damp retention in Stomach and bowel