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Hi Iris,

The ratio that is used in tincture making is for the herb:the menstruum (alcohol/water). So for example if you are making a motherwort tincture and you want to do a 1:5 in strength, because you are using dried herb, and you have 20g of motherwort, then that would be 100 mL of your mentsruum (alcohol).

If you want to make motherwort capsules. There is no ratio involved as there is no menstruum involved. You would just grind up the herb as much as possible and put this into capsules. Using a ‘capsule machine’ can really help get more plant matter packed into those capsules. Capsule making can be tedious process as well. I like to get set up in front of a good book or listen to a good podcast if making lots. 🙂

I hope you enjoy!