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fariba chaichi

in the first clinical case study question 39( case 11) could you please explain why the answer is sp3, st36,ren6, pc6 not sp6,st36,Ht7, sp10.

Use the following information to answer questions (38-39):

A 42-year-old man has been suffering from noticeable palpitations for the past 18 months.

Patient Information:

increasing in severity during the last 2 weeks
dry throat
night sweating
Tongue: pale with a thin white coating
Pulse: Weak (Ruo) and Thready (Xi)
Question 39: Which acupuncture treatment would you choose?

Spleen 6 (Sanyinjiao), Stomach 36 (Zusanli), Spleen 10 (Xuehai), Heart 7 (Shenmen)
Spleen 3 (Taibai), Stomach 36 (Zusanli), Conception vessel 6 (Qihai), Pericardium 6 (Neiguan)
Spleen 6 (Sanyinjiao), Kidney 7 (fu liu), Liver 2 (xing jian), Heart 7 (Shenmen)
Kidney 7 (Fuliu), Kidney 3 (Taixi), Spleen 6 (Sanyinjiao), Pericardium 6 (Neiguan)

Also in pathogenesis when we want to reorder i think we should start from the root but in the tests i see it starts from the recent one and goes to the recent one. could you please clarify. ( fx in case 3 in first clinical study)CASE 3

Use the following information to answer questions (18-21):

A 34-­year-­old female comes for treatment and complains of fluctuating stomach aches, fatigue, and urticaria for the past 5 days.

Patient Information:

urticaria started after a bike ride in a windstorm
ate seafood-­wor-­wonton ­Szechuan style soup with rice wine to warm up after the bike ride
obtained herbs from the student clinic for itchy, skin-coloured bumps that were showing up all over her body. The students gave her “hot” herbs and now the urticaria is red and she has constipation.
generally a frail constitution and body build
intermittent dull and achy stomach pains since childhood
asthma and eczema since childhood and all colds and flus go “right to her chest” and she gets a cough
she is sick between 3-7 times/year
the body feels quite cold inside and the patient enjoys warmth and pressure on her abdomen and lower back
warm foods, soups, and spices have helped her stomach problems in the past, but currently does not help
the stool is loose and stomach aches are worse when under stress
occasional diarrhea in the morning with undigested food in it
Tongue: red, thick white coat, swollen
Pulse: Rapid (Shuo), Wiry (Xuan), Thready (Xi)
Question 21: Please place the pathogenesis in the correct order of appearance:

Liver overacting on Spleen
Spleen Yang Deficiency and Lung Qi Deficiency
Wind-Cold Invasion
Heat in the Blood with Wind in the channels( this is what i thought is correct)