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Zakiya Pirani

Hi there, I have a few questions:

1. Can you confirm – although the LR supplies blood to the uterus, in a case question should we interpret any sort of gynaecological bleeding as a flag for HT blood deficiency? I think this was mentioned somewhere in the bootcamp but wanted to confirm.

2. Is LU 10 or LU 5 better for clearing LU heat? In a practice exam, LU 10 was correct when asked what is the main point to clear LU heat, however LU 5 was the correct answer when asking what is the most appropriate point to treat LU heat in the Qi level. For both questions, LU 5 and LU 10 were options. Can you explain what the reason is for the difference?

3. What are other descriptors or synonyms that we may see in a case for “boring pain”?

4. In the TCM Illness section of the bootcamp, Gillian mentioned a piriformis syndrome point what she has found to be the most effective however I could not find the point as it was said in Pinyin. Could you please share this point? I believe she said it was between shiqizhuixa (M-BW-25) and GB 30.

Thank you!