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Kori Richardson

Just a question about herbs that calm restless fetus.

In the Herbal Bootcamp I guidebook the following herbs are listed to calm a restless fetus:
Shu Di
Dang Gui
Bai Shao
Bai Zhu
Yi Tang
Du Zhong
Xu Duan
Tu Si Zi
Huang Qin
Sha Ren
Zi Su Ye

But when formulas are being discussed in the Formulas that tonify Qi-Blood some of these herbs are not attributed to calming a restless fetus. For example, Tai Shan Pan Shi San: it is said in the video there are four herbs that calm a restless fetus in the formula: Xu Duan, Huang Qin, Bai Zhu, Sha Ren; but Shu Di and Bai Shao are not included- why is that? The same thing occurs with the formula Tai Yuan Yin.

I noticed that my notes also don’t include Dang Gui, Bai Shao and Shu Di as calm restless fetus herbs.