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Erin Thorpe

Thanks Kenton! I have another question (actually a few!)

1. In the Cardinal Symptoms section, can you please explain the difference between Stagnation of Blood in the HT vs. HT Blood Stasis? I don’t see Stagnation of Blood in the HT in Maciocia (although I do have an older copy). Is the Stagnation the more mild/precursor stage before full Blood Stasis?

2. In the 6 Stage Diagnosis section, under Tai Yang Organ, the Tai Yang Fu – Accumulation of Water…etc, the book says it is a Floating and Slow pulse. However in the video, Gillian says it is Rapid. Is it a typo?

3. Another potential typo: Under 4 Levels – Qi Level, in the book the last pattern says “Dry-Heat”, but Gillian calls it Damp-Heat in the SP/ST…

Thank you!