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Confused about ordering question answers? Please read on below:

Hello, Charlie in Student Support here! I can help explain what you’re seeing, what it means, and how to review your original responses.

It seems like the issue you’re encountering is during the quiz review directly after submitting (still in the quiz lesson)—while it is correctly displaying which answers were ordered incorrectly by highlighting them in red, it also automatically corrects the order so you’re seeing the right answer.


This is the built-in setting for answer review for this software so that even if a manual answer key response isn’t included (the typed out list that appears when you’ve answered incorrectly), you’re able to see the correct answer when you review the questions directly after submitting in addition to knowing which parts you ordered incorrectly.


To view the exact answer you submitted for the ordering questions, the easiest way to do so is by visiting your Student Dashboard, and then:


  1. Click the down arrow on the right next to the Bootcamp name (do not click into the course as this will take you to the videos/content instead of the quiz review):

  3. Scroll down to the name of the quiz and click the paper icon in the “Statistics” column:

  5. You will see a pop-up with each question and whether you answered incorrectly/correctly, along with some extra data like how long you spent on the question displayed as a default. To see what your answer and/or the correct answer was, click (view) as seen below:

  7. When you click (view), your answer and the answer key will appear below, like this:

    For this example, please note that in the post-quiz-submission review (still in the quiz lesson), you would have seen the correct order highlighted entirely in red.

  9. When you’re finished, click the close button at the top-right or hit the back button on your browser to exit the pop-up review pane.


I hope this helps!

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