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Danika Dawson

My name is Danika but I usually just go by Dani. I am 19 years old and currently live in Okotoks Alberta. I was born and raised in Duncan on Vancouver Island, I was always raised around nature and to appreciate all aspects naturals have to offer. But my love for it really started when I saw my grandmothers garden in bloom after coming back for a visit! I was surrounded by some of the most beautiful smells, this led me down the path of being deeply interested in natural botanical perfume as it doesn’t have synthetic endocrine disrupting chemicals! after researching the aromatherapeutic benefits of these botanical ingredients I dug deeper into the other super powers they had that wasn’t just the aroma. This gave me the passion to learn more about herbs and their many uses, With the hope to one day start my own apothecary business’ with botanical perfume and other herbal products that have healing properties. Nature is so beautiful and it has so much to offer for us and I hope to protect it.