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Hello Leah, great question!

It’s quite common to have two dominant doshas. I believe I have two myself (Pitta/Kapha). Through different seasons (literal, and figurative), I will naturally focus on and support one dosha more than the other. For example, in the heat of summer, I focus more on Pitta as it can become imbalanced easily in the high heat. And, the opposite in the winter when Kapha imbalances can commonly occur.

If you have an idea of your dominant Dosha, then I’d recommend sticking with that one! You are of course welcome to talk about both in your assignment, with foods and lifestyle suggestions tailored to how you’re currently feeling. Even though there are conflicting or opposite recommendations for Pitta and Vata, some commonalities include grounding, nourishing, and sweet foods, getting into nature, practices that support you to slow down and breathe, and staying consistent with regular meals. Some students have chosen to include both, with an emphasis on one dosha that they feel resonates with them most.

It’s helpful to study your facial features to determine your Prakruti. Also, which traits and symptoms feel the most familiar to you when you’re in balance or feeling your best? Which ones pop up when you’re very stressed?

Let me know if this makes sense, or if you have additional questions!