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Hi Jay,
Feel free to do Usnea, you will just need to find a different reputable source online or in a book. You can choose any local wild medicinal plant that you’d like, no need to stick to the program curriculum. I have added the assignment details below, but feel free to ask any additional questions!

P.S. – This book is great – Plants of Coastal British Columbia: Including Washington, Oregon, and Alaska

Assignment 1
Wild Medicinals
Course 2 | Wild Medicinals with Amanda Howe

Your assignment
Explore your local environment and identify 3 wild medicinal plants. In this first exercise, do your best to use information from the program or another reputable source to properly identify 3 wild medicinal species.

Take a photo of each (you do not need to harvest them), and prepare a written summary of what you have found.

In your submission, include:
Photos of 3 wild plants
A concise summary that outlines:
Each plant’s common name, Latin name, and plant family
Traditional or current uses of the plant that are of interest to you
Any references you used outside of the course material to complete your assignment