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Hi Gina,

Thank you for your question. I have a couple of thoughts that might be happening here. Were you using dry or fresh herbs? If they were dry, did they have vibrant colour and aroma to them before putting them into the alcohol or oil? Starting with herb that was dried carefully to retain the aromatics as much as possible is important.
In the second batch it is possible that your water was too warm, this can burn the oil and change it’s colour and smell. This may also have effected the smell of the herbs as well.

Were the jars covered or open during the alcohol and/or oil extractions? It may be that most of the aromatic oils evaporated during the infusion process.

Ultimately infused oil with dried herbs does not tend to have an overly powerful strong scent, but it should be detectable. Do you feel like you could identify the rose and the lavender oil from the others if you were to just smell them?

With warmth,