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Hello , I just want to be sure that you get this message. Please let me know if you do:
Thank you so much for your question! The Biomedical/TCM illness portion of the exam is so vast (see the end of your candidate handbook here: that we created Biomedical Bootcamp to cover it. The first half is all of the diseases, and the second half is all of the TCM illnesses. Even though you are a physician, it may be worth purchasing (it is only $90 if you joined a bootcamp bundle and you can email to get you set up) just to watch the entire 2nd half (TCM Illnesses) as it combines western and eastern + all of the TCM etiologies, points, patterns, etc. (TCM internal medicine).
Adding this to the RAc is just too much info and is naturally intertwined with Biomed (you will see that I go back and forth a lot btwn the 2 in the internal med section). If you would rather self-study than join Biomed bootcamp, then I would suggest that you review all of your internal medicine notes from college. It is a large study, which is why it is separated out into the entire biomed bootcamp!

I hope that this helps!