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Hi Kayella, these are all great questions!

1. In general, avoiding processed wheat products (bread, pasta, crackers, cereal) is going to be helpful but can be tricky for people’s budgets and time. If you suspect they have wheat sensitivity, I would say avoid them for a small period of time to see if their symptoms improve (let them know it’s temporary). This is easiest when you give alternatives like rice crackers, northern bakehouse GF bread, GF wraps, etc. If you suspect they digest wheat okay, I’d really encourage them to just eat all grains in their whole form, without being super restrictive! Bread versus crackers is going to depend on one’s constitution. If they are Vata dominant, avoiding dry crackers but eating local sourdough may be great.

2. Warm salads are completely okay if most of the veggies are cooked. You can even suggest adding some warming spices (ginger, turmeric, lots of garlic) to the salad dressing. Brassica vegetables are great for liver detox, so I usually just suggest roasting them all to add to a salad or bowl!

3. Milk thistle is an incredibly supportive but gentle liver herb! I always love dandelion root as well, and sometimes yellow dock if there is a lot of constipation. Keep in mind – dandelion root is cooler in nature, so adding a warming herb like ginger or cinnamon with it helps. A B-complex is always great, along with vitamins A, C, and E (you can actually buy blends with all three).

I’ve listed below the contraindications (or avoid) for each herb!
– Milk thistle – avoid in daisy allergy, alongside Metronidazole
– Dandelion root – avoid in daisy allergy, bile duct obstruction, cholecystitis, and intestinal obstruction.
– Yellowdock – cautioned in pregnancy

Let me know if any of this doesn’t make sense!