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Kayella Mackenzie

Not sure if this is the right board but my question is around balancing digestion/clearing out toxins and re-igniting digestive fire. So thinking back to the TCM course (specifically p 181 of the text), we want to take out raw foods as well as offending foods. In considering a very gentle approach to this for someone who is resistant or maybe has a difficult time with big changes all at once (as well as budget considerations)…
-Thoughts on the most “offensive” wheat foods? For example bread vs crackers, is one worse than the other? Or would it be ok to reduce the wheat (i.e. still have non-gluten free oats?) or should it be strict no wheat at all?
-Thoughts on a warm salad for example fresh baby spinach (so this part would be cold) with grilled veggies, spiced bulgur etc.?
-Also, not necessarily wanting to recommend many supplements/herbs, would there be any to really consider though to support liver function during this gentle detox/balancing?