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Hi Amanda,

First off Congratulations! And I don’t think it’s a strange question at all. I am very excited to hear that you are going through the experience of pregnancy and will be learning about herbs at the same time. There are so many herbs that are still safe, especially at lower doses, and can be so supportive through some of the challenges of pregnancy.
I am the mother of a now 11 month old and sure loved knowing about herbs throughout this whole process because they have been so helpful. Since there is not alot of easily accessible information and herbal support during pregnancy, labour and postpartum (esp. during lactation) I have actually decided to focus my herbal practice there and have just started to take on clients again after Mat leave.

All this to say, I am so excited to read your question and that you are open to exploring along with the plants still.
I would say that for the first trimester, you want to keep things pretty safe sticking to culinary herbs, topical application (which you also need to consider-depending on the herbs and the location of the application) or some tea with chamomile and ginger for morning sickness if need be. There are other herbs you could take in the first trimester for other concerns as well but this would be more specific to the pregnancy and concern. Once in the second and third trimesters more herbs can be used, but still with some caution.

I will write a list below of some ideas and the timing of when you might be able to use/work with them safely- always keep in mind every person is different and if a pregnancy is high risk in any way, these herb recommendations may be different:

Chamomile 1,2,& 3rd trimester.
Ginger (small amounts, <1g/day) 1,2,3rd trimester. Leave out of 1st trimester if concern over miscarriage
Raspberry Leaf: some say 1st (I say definitely 2nd and 3rd) trimester
Cramp Bark: 1,2,3rd trimester
Nettle: 1,2,3rd trimester
Lemon Balm: some say 2nd, I say maybe wait until 3rd trimester if there are no thyroid concerns.
Skullcap: 1,2,3rd trimester
Passionflower: 3rd trimester
Echinacea: 1,2,3rd trimester
Elderberry: 1,2,3rd trimester
Dandelion: 1,2,3rd trimester
Lavender: 1,2,3rd trimester (especially gentle in the bath, topically, a low dose in tea etc.)
Calendula: externally good, internal 3rd trimester, low dose.
Oatstraw or milky oats: 1,2,3rd trimester

There are others, but this list gives you lots to chose from and that will be a great start. Most gentle topical herbs are still appropriate as well. When in doubt for this list go with lower dosing as a tea or see if you can work with them externally.

If you have any specific concerns or questions along your personal pregnancy journey, feel free to reach out to me at

I wish you lots of fun getting to know these gentle lovely herbs while getting to know the little one inside you!