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Sangeeta Kumar

_Update- In order for the question to make sense I need to share a screen shot of it… is there a way to do that so you can see what I’m asking about?

Hi there!
I was hoping you can help m e figure this out… there is a free tests section on which was recommended to do. There is an interesting question in the Acu section but the answer is odd. Basically after trying to cool blood for 5 weeks… doing something different and it not working… you were expected to go back to the original formula of Acu points.

I would love your take on this.. would you in reality actually do the exact same thing for 5 weeks then come back to the same thing again? I just can’t see that being practical…

And in the case the person presented with depression after the 2nd prescription, so I thought LV could be involved….anyhow this is a BL Heat case.

…ops I can’t upload it… is there any way I can share the screen shot of the question here?