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Jennifer Williamson

Hello All,

I’m Jenn, from mid Van Isle. I have recently transitioned out of a 25 year career in health care and business. During the past few months I have taken the time to contemplate my “what’s next”. I keep coming back to the cumulation of the passions in my life, health, wellness, cultivating and growing, nurturing and nourishment. And then I stumbled upon this course! I live on a small coastal farm where I have the honor to cultivate a large amount of food and tend to animals. I am as passionate about the soil that feeds my plants as I am the plants that nourish our bodies. I grew up in close proximity to growing things and could often be found either outside singing to my plants, or in the kitchen- crafting my next healing tonic! When I’m not in the garden or kitchen, I can often be found hiking a trail, skiing a mountain, having fun with my family or kayaking a waterway!