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Amanda Morley

Hello Everyone!

So excited to be here. I have been a child of the natural world for as long as I can remember both as a little girl and now as an adult. Plants and plant medicine specifically herbology has been the most consistent and long standing interest I have had in my life. With that being said; as life would have it, I have dodged many opportunities to study it and many courses have fallen to the wayside as a result of ill timing and different life direction. Now at the grateful age of 36, I am here with what feels like the correct timing, ambition and heart set and with again, an opportunity to see what unfolds in my favourite subject. Herbs. Oh yes, I am a new student in the Online Home Herbalist Certificate Program – as well as alongside I am doing an Apprenticeship course with instructor Seraphina Capranos called Alchemy of Herbal Medicine. I am currently living on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I am excited to meet other like minds and I can see that this is just the beginning of something truly amazing.

Thanks for reading 🙂