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Katy Taylor

Thanks, then Benna. Unfortunately, when I looked online, I found I only needed 40% alcohol, which obviously wasn’t true! I’ll try higher next time.

In the meantime, I do have this other batch that I haven’t tried straining yet. Do you have a suggestion for how to strain it? Should I just hang it in a nut milk bag and not squeeze it and see if I get some tincture that way? When I squeezed it, I got a whole lot of green goopy blended Violet leaves. Should I add more high-proof alcohol to whatever I get to help preserve it?

my herbalist wants me to take the tincture, so I may just have to order more. Do you have any opinions about that? Is the tea as viable as the tincture? I wouldn’t mind drinking it daily and I do have a large patch in my Gardens. any suggestions on dosage to equal 1 dropperful 2x day?

Thanks, Katy