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Katy Taylor

Hi friends, it’s been awhile. My summer is full of gardening and not enough time to study herbalism… But I am still making things and I have a question about Violet leaf tincture. I gathered the Violet leaves from my garden and blended them, which made a very goopy mass. After the right amount of time, I strained tit in a fine mesh nut milk bag, and I think I must have over-squeezed it because the liquid was still really green and goopy and after about a week it started to have mold form on the top.

I’m currently seeing if I can save it by straining it through a coffee filter, but it doesn’t strain very quickly, and I have to keep changing the filter because mold starts to grow…

I have another batch that I blended in the same way. Do you have a recommendation on how to strain it so that I can remove the green and keep the tincture?

And if I were to start another batch, perhaps I shouldn’t blend it this time, just cut up the leaves?

Any recommendations you have are gratefully received. I’m supposed to be taking this tincture with Solomon seal for my arm healing and I can’t find it locally, so I was hoping to learn to make it instead of having to order from HerbPharm at great cost, plus i just love making remedies!

🙂 Katy