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Michele Young


I have a client with quite good nutritional practices (vegetarian).
She suffers from the feeling of body grogginess a few times a month and when she is groggy she has a puffy face and eyes (sometimes jaw as well) . She also has migraines a few times a month.

I have suggested turmeric as well as possibly trying to go off of gluten to see if she feels any change. I have looked at all of our books but there is no reference specifically to what I describe above. Yes it could be maybe a sluggish liver but I thought the gluten may be a great first step. Her movements are fine and she drinks alot of water. She may also have a lack of vitamin B12 due to being vegetarian.

If the gluten free test does not work we could try to exclude dairy products. Would you have any suggestions to tease out if a liver ‘detox’ would possibly help? Burdock/Dandelion leaf?

Thank you so much,