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Michele Young

I am working on a tincture for a friend who has skin eruptions on her face. I believe the acne tincture and capsules may help but it is not specifically acne, it is more the formation of face pimples which weep. I am suggesting of course diet changes and eliminating products which she is using but I see in the course that it is suggested a tincture as well as milk thistle capsules.

I have 3 questions; the first is , I do not have cleavers for the lymphatic system, is there another herb that I could use instead of cleavers?

Secondly, I would have included milk thistle in the tincture but the capsules suggested indicate using 700mg (70% of 500 mg capsule) milk thistle 3x daily which is alot. This is very interesting to me that it is about 2g/day. So much better suited towards a capsule instead of including it into the tincture. I was wondering if you had any comment regarding this amount and if it is standard in liver support to use this amount in capsule form.

Also the capsule includes dandelion root . Would you be able to comment on how or why dandelion root is used to complement the milk thistle?

Many thanks