Nutrition 10 | Nutrition Consulting

The Student will leave with a greater confidence, understanding and ability to create nutritional care plans for self and others in their community.


Length: 6 hours

Instructor: Hillary Krupa

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  • Holistic Nutrition Online

    Certificate Program

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Hillary Krupa

Hillary Krupa RHN has been practicing holistic nutrition since 2004. Her career has led her through many clinical settings including private practice and supportive cancer care, post-secondary education, professional writing and nutrition program development for various organizations. Her passion lies in clinical practice where the application of nutritional knowledge combined with communication and interpersonal dynamics meet.

Course description

This course is designed to help you put your nutritional knowledge into practice by teaching you the practical skills of facilitating a nutrition consultation.

We will take an in depth look at each element of this practice, 

from gathering information, how to work with people of all backgrounds and stages of health, tools for effective communication and how to create a nutritional care plan. 

Lesson plan

Section I | Welcome

1. Introduction

2. Course outline

Section II | Creating positive relationships with people & food

3. Considerations for effective communication

4. Creating and supporting healthy relationships with food influencing factors

Section III | Creating spaces for consultations

5. Considerations for where to facilitate & create

Section IV | Creating and intake form

6. Preparing yourself for a nutritional consultation

7. Assignment: Create your own intake form

Section V | The consultation

8. Introduction to the art of consultation

9. Considerations for an effective consultation

10. The nutrition consultation form

11. Five steps to structuring your consultation time

12. Live intake & consultation demonstration

Section VI | Creating nutrition care plans

13. How to structure a nutrition care plan

14.Considerations for effective goal setting

15. Consultation demonstration

Section VII | Mindful eating practices

16. Tools to enhance & support connection with food

17. Assignment

Section VIII | Developing resources

18. Creating resource lists

19. Consultation demonstration

Section IX: Course review: putting it all together

20. Complete course summary

21. Assignment: Case study