Now What? Part I: Get the Job

Learn how to find your dream Acupuncture job by understanding the details of business structures, interviewing, goal-setting, setting your fees, and negotiating contracts - all specifically designed for an Acupuncturist starting out in practice.


Length: 4 hours

Instructor: Gillian Marsollier | RAc, CCII


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Who is this course for?
New Acupuncturists
Course length (start & watch when you want)
4 hours of video content
Course credits
4 CEUs / PDAs

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CTCMA (Category A2 and B), CAAA, CTCMPAO
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Meet your course instructor

Gillian Marsollier | RAc, CCII

Gillian Marsollier has been a Registered Acupuncturist in British Columbia since 2001, and an instructor of acupuncture for more than 15 years. After completing a 4-year Masters Program in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, she began her teaching career in Newfoundland. There she wrote the bulk of the curriculum for a 3-year acupuncture program and served as the Acupuncture Program Director. Gillian was then transferred to Halifax, where she successfully gained approval by the Board of Education in Nova Scotia for an acupuncture program. In addition to teaching, she practiced at a very successful multi-faceted alternative treatment centre while residing on the East Coast. In 2008 Gillian went to Nepal to teach acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities at a medical facility. They are still using the modalities to this day to treat the locals from the Himalayan hills. For the last 5 years, Gillian has been pursuing the media side of acupuncture and natural healing through the creation of LIFT Education Academy. Through this online education platform, she has created many popular courses including bootcamps that have become the national gold standard for preparation for TCM registration exams.

Course description

This is the first of a 4-part mini-series that provides you with the missing information that most colleges don’t teach. Many new graduates say that they feel mildly prepped to put needles in patients once college is complete, but then feel thrown to the wolves when it comes to starting and creating a thriving business, both through logistics and patient interactions.

This online course is designed to help you find your dream Acupuncture position. You will learn how to search for the right job and conduct yourself during the interview. Instructor, Gillian Marsollier will guide you through establishing your rates, creating packages, and arriving at fair commissions and/or flat rates. You will also be introduced to how to properly interpret a legal contract.

Course Outline

  • Choosing Your Clinic
  • How To Interview
  • The Contract
  • Know Your Expenses
  • Setting Your Fees
  • Summary/Part 2 Course Outline

*Please note that this course is NOT for any students looking to start their own clinic from scratch. 

Here is the full series of courses:

1) Now What? Get The Job

2) Now What? Set Up For Day 1

3) Now What? Be With Your Patient

4) Now What? Refine Your Skills

You can pick and choose which courses you think you may need for your clinic, or join all 4 for the full new practitioner online course support series.

Lesson plan


1. Introduction & Course Outline

2. Course Guidebook

3. ‘Get the Job’ Course Template

Section I | How Do I Choose the Right Clinic for Me?

4. Mentorship vs. Apprenticeship

5. Choosing a Clinic

6. What Do You Want to Be? Common Business Structures

7. Choosing a Clinic Style

8. Choosing a Clinic Location

9. Looking for a Clinic

10. Things to Consider When Just Starting Out

11. Section Summary

Section II | How Do I Interview?

12. Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

13. Questions You May Be Asked

14. Questions You Should Ask

15. Interview Success Tips

16. Section Summary

Section III | What Do I Look for in a Contract?

17. Contract Details to Understand Thoroughly

18. What is Included?

19. Areas to Negotiate

20. Section Summary

Section IV | Goal Setting

21. 1, 5, and 10 Year Goals – Key to Success

Section V | What Are All of the Expenses Involved?

22. What Are All of the Expenses Involved?

23. Other Expenses to Consider

24. Expenses List

25. Section Summary

Section VI | How Do I Decide How Much to Chart?

26. First, I Must Say This…

27. Packaging Treatments

28. Varying Treatment Lengths

29. Lower Fee Budget

30. Setting Your Fees

31. Section Summary

Section VII | Course Summary + The Checklist

32. ‘Get the Job’ Final Checklist

33. Course Summary

34. Now What? Setting Up for Day One: Part II of the Series

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