Course 21 | Community Herbalist | Conclusion

Join Peter for some final words to end your program journey on an inspiring note.


Length: 0.1 hours

Instructor: Peter Conway | Medical Herbalist, Aromatic Medicine Specialist

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Meet your course instructor

Peter Conway | Medical Herbalist, Aromatic Medicine Specialist

Peter Conway trained as a Medical Herbalist in the UK, where he ran a clinical practice for over 20 years. In addition to seeing patients, Peter has taught herbal courses at several UK universities and other academic institutions, been involved in herbal politics as a committee member of the European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association, and written several books about herbalism. He was involved in writing the National Professional Standards in Herbal Medicine in the UK and worked with the UK Department of Health in developing professional regulatory standards for herbal practice. Peter was the President of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy for 12 years. In recognition of his services to the herbal profession, Peter was made a Fellow of both the College of Practitioners of phytotherapy and the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. Peter now lives on the west coast of Canada, and he is a member of the Canadian Herbalists Association of British Columbia. He is currently teaching at Pacific Rim College, working on the revised second edition of his textbook, ‘The Consultation in Phytotherapy,’ and developing an online project that aims to share his herbal insights more widely.

Course description

Peter concludes your program with powerful insights while concurrently inspiring you to take your knowledge and create the impact that you were always meant to make.

Lesson plan

1. Conclusion